How can I tell if my house is in the Foothills Green Pool Association?

Contact a member of the board to see if your home is a current member.

What homes are allowed to join Foothills Green Pool Association?

The following subdivisions in the City of Fort Collins, Colorado, namely: Foothills Village First Filing, Foothills Green First Filing, Village West Sixth Filing, Village West Seventh Filing, Village West Eighth Filing, Village West Ninth Filing, Aspen Knolls First Filing, Hill Pond on Spring Creek Second Filing, and properties in Village West Fifth Filing which are located on Independence Road, Independence Court, and the east side of Constitution Avenue between Independence Road and Winfield Drive shall be eligible for a membership in the Association. Tentatively all of the dots on the map below.

What is the cost to join?

As of 2017 there are two options. The first is to pay the buy in fee of $750 and the first year’s membership dues is waived. The second option is to pay $600 in installments over 2 years, along with the annual membership dues. The yearly membership dues is $350 and due May 1st each year.

How can I join the pool?

Download the membership packet here. Or contact a member of the board to be mailed the packet.
Fill out “Grant of Lien” form and sign in front of a notary. Have the form notarized.
Write a check to “Foothills Green Pool Association”
Mail Grant of Lien and check to the Foothills Green Pool Association, 2006 Union Dr., Fort Collins, CO 80526

What is the yearly membership dues?

As of 2017 the membership dues is $350.

We don’t use the pool, can we quit the association?

No. Once you join the pool you are an owner of the pool and may not quit. If you sell your home the new owner of the home will be responsible for the dues and be able to use the pool.

Do you give discounts to seniors?

No. As an equal owner of the pool all members are responsible for the yearly membership fee.

When are the member meetings and what is discussed there?

Member meetings are scheduled yearly for the first Wednesday in March and the second Wednesday in September. Special meetings may also be scheduled as necessary. In March the yearly budget is presented and voted upon. In the September meeting directors are elected. Other items are discussed at these meetings as well. Dues increases may only be approved at the September meeting or at a special meeting.

Why isn’t alcohol allowed at the pool?

Alcohol is a liability issue and is not allowed at the pool.

What is the syncro team?

The Fort Collins Summer Synchro Team is a 40 year-old tradition at our pool that started in the early 1970’s at Village Green Pool. When Foothills Green Pool was completed a couple of years later, the two pools agreed that the speed swimming team would practice at VG, and the synchro team at FG. Member kids of either pool could join either team. Since then, both teams have opened their membership to all youth in the Fort Collins area, with pool non-members paying more to join one of the teams.
The synchro team is a member of the Rocky Mountain Summer Synchro League, and is the only summer synchro team in all of northern Colorado. They compete four times and hold free water shows, one at FG and one at VG, each season.
The team is also member of United States Synchronized Swimming, which provides $1M liability coverage for all swimmers and coaches at our pool. Coaches and parents of the swimmers who are not pool members also sign our liability waiver. An adult FG Pool member opens and closes the pool and remains at the pool during the practices, and fills out and signs our private event (usually referred to as a “pool party”)request form. The synchro team provides the USA Synchro member certified lifeguards for each practice.

What is “Splash”?

Splash is a pool management company we contract with to open, close, maintain the pool, provide lifeguards and manage the pools operation.

What are the time commitments for board members and how long are the terms?

The board meets in the evening once a month March – September. Some positions require more involvement outside of these meeting times for committees, improvements, bookkeeping, etc. A board member’s term is two years.

What are some of the upcoming improvements to the pool?

In the next five years we would like to replace the main pool coping stones, the diving board, the concrete deck, main pool cover and wader cover.

Can I just pay a daily fee when I want to use the pool?

No. The Foothills Green Pool Association is a private pool and not open to the public. Members may bring guests but must remain with the guest for the duration of their stay.

I want to bring friends to the pool – how does that work?

Each household has 25 guest passes a year. Additional guest passes may be purchased for $2.00 each. These passes will be tracked through the computer check in system and billed to you at the end of each season. You are permitted to bring up to 6 guests to the pool without prearranging through the pool manager. If you plan on having more than 6 guests please contact the pool manager at least one week in advance of your gathering to ensure adequate staffing. If additional guards are required, the cost will be charged to you at a rate of $25/guard/hour. Guests must be accompanied by a member at all times. Please make sure your guests understand and abide by all pool rules. Please remember that you are ultimately responsible for your family’s guests.