No one other than owners of residences within the following areas, to wit:

The following subdivisions in the City of Fort Collins, Colorado, namely: Foothills Village First Filing, Foothills Green First Filing, Village West Sixth Filing, Village West Seventh Filing, Village West Eighth Filing, Village West Ninth Filing, Aspen Knolls First Filing, Hill Pond on Spring Creek Second Filing, and properties in Village West Fifth Filing which are located on Independence Road, Independence Court, and the east side of Constitution Avenue between Independence Road and Winfield Drive shall be eligible for a membership in the Association. Each membership shall identify the property in connection with which it was issued, and no membership shall be separated from such property. A sale of property for which a membership has been issued must include the membership in the Association, and the conveyance of any such property shall be conclusively deemed to be a transfer of the membership in the Association. Any property in the Village West Fifth Filing that is a member of the Village Green Pool Association must surrender their membership certificate to, and resolve any unpaid assessments with, the Village Green Pool Association before becoming a member of the Foothills Green Pool Association.

Only the occupants of the property to which the membership is attached are eligible to exercise the privileges of the membership.