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Spring 2022 Clean Up

Spring Clean-up this weekend, 5/22 – 10am to 4pm! Mark your calendars- we’ve got lots of work to do to get the pool ready to open in three weeks! There will be a list of tasks posted, ranging from raking and weeding, to painting and landscaping. Please help if you’re able! Bring rakes, pruning shears, trailers for hauling stuff to Hageman’s, ladders, general tools, etc.


Web Page Updates!

Over the coming weeks we will be updating this FGPA website with a new look and feel! The primary motivation behind this change is to overcome some back-end update paywalls we were hitting in order to make sure we were running the most up to date code. We are also taking the opportunity to update our menu structure and how information is presented on this site. Enjoy the transition!